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Message Heard is a multi-media story telling company that helps brands and businesses connect with their audience in a meaningful way. By immersing ourselves within a company, we’re able to better understand communication aims and ensure that you engage your audience with compelling stories. We create more than just podcasts, we make sure your message gets heard.


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Got an idea for a podcast series but need help bringing it to life? Already have a podcast series but not getting any traction? We’re here to help.

By understanding both your communication challenges and goals, our team will set you on the right path to getting your message heard. It’s our aim to ensure you own the stories surrounding your industry.



Podcasts solve communication issues for both corporate and brands, but it’s not easy taking an idea to completion.

We work with a global network of experienced producers, journalists, marketeers, influencers and growth hackers to ensure your message is brought to life. From audio to artwork, we’ve got you covered.



Message Heard helps you take your content to where your audience lives. We’ll guide you through how to disseminate your story and integrate bespoke analytics to ensure you deliver against business and marketing goals.

Through in-depth analysis, we can help your message take on a life of its own.


Recent Work


Undiscovered goes beyond the headlines, hunting down stories from the fringes of society.

In our frenzied news cycle, some of the most impactful, heartbreaking stories from around the world pass us by. Our original reporting takes a deeper look at what your newsfeed might have missed.



Our Team


Jake Warren


Before founding Message Heard, award-winning journalist Jake Warren worked with VICE, BBC, Channel 4 and The Guardian. He recently helped found and grow The Tab, the largest online student publication in the world, and introduced original programming to media giants Jungle Creations. Jake is now totally focused on the world of podcasts.

What I'm listening to: The back catalogue of Radiolab

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Sandra Ferrari


Resident audio producer and communications specialist at Message Heard, Sandra created podcasts and radio content for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the United Nations and The Guardian. She has a wealth of experience in branded content, audio content for social platforms and journalism.

Currently playing in Sandra’s headphones: Malcolm Gladwell’s: Revisionist History


Louise Beaumont


Louise works with legislators and regulators to create disruption, with corporates to cope with disruption, and with start-ups to exploit disruption.

Louise is currently listening to: Planet Money